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Top 3 LiftMaster Chain Drive Garage Openers

Even though chain drive garage openers are labeled as being noisy, they haven’t lost in popularity nor did their sales decrease. Despite the noise, they are considered to be sturdy and long-lasting systems that are there to support and lift your garage door at the touch of a button. LiftMaster has many chain drive garage models, but here are the reviews of the top 3. LiftMaster 8587W LiftMaster 8587W is a model that belongs to the LiftMaster Elite series. The unit has a ¾ horsepower motor and is made to…

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Top 3 Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Openers

When we mention Liftmaster, you all know that we are talking about one of the leading manufacturers of gate openers as well as garage openers. Why is it leading? Well, because with it you will receive a high-quality opener with a solid build and a long lifespan. What more can you want?! We have already talked about Liftmaster gate openers, but on in this article we will review the top 3 Liftmaster belt drive garage openers: Liftmaster 8550W, Liftmaster 8355W and Liftmaster 8155W. 1. Liftmaster 8550W Liftmaster 8550W is a…

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Top 3 solar gate openers

Being the solar power is the future, this article will review the best solar powered gate openers currently available on the market.  This is an eco-friendly and a cheaper solution since you do not have to pay the extra electricity. However, it is also great for people whose gate is far from the first available electric line. Solar gate openers are powered by the sun and the energy gathered is preserved in their batteries. Take a minute and check out the top 3 solar gate openers. BOOKMARK THIS POST FOR…

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LiftMaster gate openers – top 5 models (reviews)

About the manufacturer LiftMaster is an American company which has been manufacturing garage door openers, gate and commercial door operators for over 45 years. Over the years they have built a nationwide network of authorized dealers to help the customers get the products they need backed by the LiftMaster guarantee. Their products are made to fit any lifestyle and application and provide the latest technology, innovations in safety and security as well as connectivity and performance. They stand for quality and safety with a goal to exceed the customers’ expectations.…

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