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Top 3 LiftMaster Chain Drive Garage Openers

Even though chain drive garage openers are labeled as being noisy, they haven’t lost in popularity nor did their sales decrease. Despite the noise, they are considered to be sturdy and long-lasting systems that are there to support and lift your garage door at the touch of a button. LiftMaster has many chain drive garage models, but here are the reviews of the top 3. LiftMaster 8587W LiftMaster 8587W is a model that belongs to the LiftMaster Elite series. The unit has a ¾ horsepower motor and is made to…

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Chamberlain RJO20 garage opener Reviews 

Review: Chamberlain RJO20 garage opener

Chamberlain RJO20 is a wall mount garage door opener that is placed discretely on the wall beside the garage door and therefore enabling you a lot of functional space in the garage and on the ceiling. The wall mount design eliminates vibrations and noise and delivers a silent operation. With a simple installation of the MyQ application on your smartphone, you will have full control of the garage door, receive notifications about its movements and also set schedules wherever you are. Furthermore, the Security +2.0 technology delivers unique encryption and…

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Top 3 Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Openers

When we mention Liftmaster, you all know that we are talking about one of the leading manufacturers of gate openers as well as garage openers. Why is it leading? Well, because with it you will receive a high-quality opener with a solid build and a long lifespan. What more can you want?! We have already talked about Liftmaster gate openers, but on in this article we will review the top 3 Liftmaster belt drive garage openers: Liftmaster 8550W, Liftmaster 8355W and Liftmaster 8155W. 1. Liftmaster 8550W Liftmaster 8550W is a…

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Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 Blog Reviews 

Ultimate accessory: MyQ Smart Garage Hub

Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub – MYQ-G0301 is considered to be the most popular accessory among garage door opener users. Most likely you even know someone who has it! So, let’s review this device and see what all the fuss is about. Basically, what this unit does is that it enables smartphone control of the most of the major garage opener brands that are manufactured after 1993. Imagine that after 20 years, you can open your garage with your smartphone and you didn’t even need to buy a new garage…

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11 Garage Opener Problems and Solutions

There are many problems you can encounter when using a garage door opener. However,every problem has a solution, so don’t get frustrated and stop those thoughts about getting a new opener and sacrificing your holiday trip money. We will present the 11 most common problems and the solutions and save you the trouble of hiring a handyman or buying a new opener. Problem 1. Misalignment of the photo eyes You are coming home and opening the garage door. Everything is working just fine,you enter and close the door but it…

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Chamberlain c410 and Chamberlain B550 Reviews 

Most Popular Chamberlain Garage Openers: C410 and B550

  Chamberlain is well known for its high-quality and modern garage openers. This article will review the two most popular models of garage gate openers: Chamberlain C410 and Chamberlain B550. The both models are highly recommended by a vast majority of users and have a truly affordable price that offers you the satisfaction of opening your garage from the comfort of your car. So, let’s begin! Chamberlain C410 The Chamberlain C410 is a garage gate opener powered by the Chamberlain’s Lift Power System. The unit is truly durable and a…

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Garage Gate Opener Buying guide

You are in need for a garage gate opener? Before you make any purchase, take a look at our buying guide which will make you decision making process much easier. We will point out and explain every feature you need to pay attention to when buying a garage gate opener. The Horsepower Garage door gate openers come in three sizes: one-third, one-half and three-quarter horsepower motors. When buying one, you need to consider three things: the size, the construction material and the number of doors that it needs to lift.…

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Mighty Mule SL2000B gate opener Mighty Mule Reviews 

Review: Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B

Well, here is another great product made by the leading gate opener company: Mighty Mule. The SL2000B is an automatic gate opener made for heavy duty slide gates. The maximum gate weight which it can handle is 1000 pounds per leaf and up to 30 feet in length per leaf. Its compact design makes it ideal for tight spaces. The model is widely used for light commercial and residential gates including chain link, tubular steel, ornamental, wood and wrought iron gates. It features adjustable obstruction sensing, auto closing and gate…

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Viking K2 gate opener Reviews 

Ultimate warrior: Viking K2 gate opener review

There’s a new cat on the market and it bears a strong name and a sturdy construction. Here is the review of the Viking K2, a gate opener which will open and bravely defend you gate system. This class 1 residential gate opener is designed to handle slide gates up to 700 pounds and 30 feet in length. It is the perfect solution for high traffic residential gates and it offers you technology and efficiency in a single package. The best part is It is made to operate at 100% duty cycle…

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Benefits of having a gate opener

In the past, gate-opening systems were very expensive and available only to rich people. Today, thanks to the new developments in technology as well as growing competition in manufacturing, they are an option for everyone. There is a wide range of gate openers, depending on the type of gate and the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you are having doubts, in whether you really need a gate opener or not, you can try to resolve them by reading this article, which will present the benefits of…

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