Benefits of having a gate opener

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On November 13, 2018
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List of the reasons why you should buy a gate opener for your gate.

In the past, gate-opening systems were very expensive and available only to rich people. Today, thanks to the new developments in technology as well as growing competition in manufacturing, they are an option for everyone. There is a wide range of gate openers, depending on the type of gate and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

If you are having doubts, in whether you really need a gate opener or not, you can try to resolve them by reading this article, which will present the benefits of having a gate opener installed on your gate.


1. ConvenienceSolar gate opener

Your everyday routine: You approach your gate, you stop the car, get out of the car, open the gate, drive the car into the property, stop the car again, get out of the car, close the gate and then park the car and go inside. And if the weather is bad, you will get inside soaking wet. What a great day that is…

This all goes away by installing a gate opener.


It is much better to simply press a button from the comfortable seat of your car and your gate will do the rest. Gate opening system also offer various different ways of opening your gate, since you are given the freedom to connect it to anything from a remote receiver to an intercom and you can also do it by using your mobile phone. Sounds amazing, right?

2. Versatile

Gate opener can do much more than just open and close your gate. Many of the models have timers and also can be set up with alarm systems and infrared beams. Making a simple gate opener into a security system.

3. Safety

Personal safety is the most important thing. There are occasional cases where people get hurt and their car hijacked while opening their gate. Gate openers certainly reduce the chances of this happening. Some models even have adjustable speed settings, which means you can open and close your gate as fast as you want, as well as automatic closing option, which closes the gate the moment the car goes through it.

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4. Total control

Access control gives you the total control over who enters and leaves your property. It includes keypads, proximity card readers, traffic barriers, GSM – modules and gate motors. You are given the option to interface it with a computer and edit functionality, upload transactions logs, add and delete users.

5. Energy consumption

Mighty Mule EZGO solar gate opener
Mighty Mule EZGO solar gate opener

Once upon a time, all gate openers had to be connected to an electric power source. Now, this has changed, and most of them can be powered on solar batteries or connected to solar panels. This reduces your electricity bill but also benefits the environment.


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To conclude

Having a faithful servant that opens and closes the gate regularly for you is not such a bad thing. Especially if the servant doesn’t mind the weather conditions, does not complain and does not need a salary. Additionally, at the same time is looks after and secures you home. The benefits are many and the only drawback could be the small withdrawal from your bank account. Therefore, have no doubt; a gate opener is a must-have accessory for your home.

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