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If you are looking to buy a gate opener, you probably ran into this particular brand: TOPENS gate openers. Nowadays, you can find a bunch of their models online.

You don’t know who they are, how they got there, but you can see that their products are affordable and most importantly none of them has the rating under 4 stars on Amazon. This tells you that the TOPENS brand has over 90% of satisfied users, and you know how hard it is to be the people’s choice.

So, if you are considering a purchase, take a few minutes and dive into our detailed information about TOPNES gate openers that will help you make the final decision.

Who is “TOPENS gate openers”?

First thing to mention is that this is NOT an American company, but rather a Chinese based one. Their headquarters are located in Hangzhou (I never heard of it either) and the company was founded just a few years ago, in 2018.


Despite being newcomers, they still have managed to overflow the gate opener’s market with their products. They have successfully sold their products in over 50 countries worldwide and satisfied many customers. TOPENS praises about producing high-quality gate opener systems that provide safety, security and reliability.

If we are being realistic, let’s admit that we always judge a product if we know it’s made in China. However, these gate openers most definitely deserve a chance, so read the TOPNES gate opener reviews and decide.

Why should you trust us?

To make things clear, we are not a company or an online store that sells and installs gate openers. But we are the people who will conduct a profound investigation about every product we write about and go into all the deep corners and read the user reviews that are located on page 3 and beyond. Let’s face it, who actually reads reviews after page 3? Nobody! But, you might actually be surprised what lays there.

So, that’s us. The guys who read all the reviews of a product and are kind enough to report back to you. You can say that we are a gift from heaven that saves people a lot of time. Beside this, we also state all the product features, what is good, what is bad and make a final recommendation. Prepare to be enlightened.

TOPENS makes all types of gate and garage openers.

 In order to make things easier we have classified them into three sections:

  •  Single Swing Gate Openers, 
  •  Dual Swing Gate Openers and 
  •  Slide Gate Openers. 

If you need a particular one, just click and teleport right to it.

Top 3 TOPENS Single Swing Gate Openers

When choosing a swing gate opener, you need to know the gate weight, the access type you will be needing and the power supply that will be available. Let us help you decide which single swing gate opener fits your requirements and your budget.

 1/3   Our pick – TOPENS A8S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Heavy Duty Solar Single Gate Operator for Single Swing Gates Up to 18 Feet or 850 Pounds Gate Motor Solar Panel

With a DC motor of 24V this gate opener is made to handle heavy duty single swing gates with the maximum height of 18 feet and the maximum weight of 850 lbs. The motor provides higher efficiency, more safety and low power consumption. Operating life span is extended due to the durable – die casting aluminum swing arms, while the motor itself is made out of copper wire. With TOPENS A8S you also get a 20W Solar Panel but as always without the 24V battery it requires. It is suitable for all gate types and the DIY installation takes about a few hours.

topens a8s review
TOPENS A8S Automatic Gate Opener Kit

You were wondering what the best part is?

With this gate opener you have the option of two installation styles depending on your preference and possibilities. You can enable the gate to open inwards (Pull-to-Open) or outwards (Push-to-open). Security technology is there for your protection and safety. Soft start and stop are of course the must-have feature as well as the auto-close one. The remote keys have a microchip rolling code and you also get a 90° manual release in case of losing the remote or a power outage.


  • Durable
  • Solar compatible
  • Long life span
  • Many accessories available
  • Excellent protection and safety
  • Can open inwards or outwards
  • Remote range 300 feet
  • Easy DIY installation


  • Battery not included
  • 12 months warranty

What do users say about TOPENS A8S?

The was majority of users have reported to be extremely satisfied with the TOPENS A8S and it has become an essential part of their lives. A really great thing is that they sell all the spare parts on Amazon, so if you need anything you know it will arrive sooner than later. This gate opener does the job smoothly, the remote works like a charm and it is everything that they advertised but much cheaper than other popular brands.

TOPENS A8S Problems and Solutions

1. How do I power my gate opener?

There are 4 ways of powering TOPENS A8S gate opener and for your convenience they are illustrated below.

topens a8s power illustration

2. I can’t mount the solar panel

This could be a potential problem as the space in the frame is quite tight. The solution is easy, hold the nut with the needle nose pliers while screwing the bolt in. Get it threaded and switch to a thin open-end wrench to tighten in up.

TOPENS A8S – Final verdict

Honestly, if it fits your budget, get it. It is sturdy, reliable, has high performance and all the modern technology features you can find in much more expensive get openers. TOPENS A8S will take you to the top.

 2/3  Runner up – TOPENS A3S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Light Duty Solar Single Gate Operator for Single Swing Gates Up to 12 Feet or 300 Pounds Gate Motor Solar Panel

As you can see, the most important difference between this model and the TOPENS A8S is that this one is made to operate single swing gates that are 12 feet high and 300 lbs heavy. Basically, this model IS NOT made for heavy duty gates. Luckily, if your gate fits in height and weight you are in the right place.

As the model above, the DC motor is made out of pure copper wire with the strength of 24V. It is efficient, gives a lower power consumption, greater torque and very low working sound which is less than 50 db. The die-casting Aluminum arm guarantees durability and long operating life, and the control box is waterproof.

There’s more

When it comes to protection and safety, TOPNES went all in. Only TOPENS authorized remotes and wireless accessories can control the gate opener, additionally there is a soft stop and start feature as well as auto close option and adjustable obstruction sensitivity. And in case of a power outage, you can still open your gate thanks to the manual release key. The gate opener comes with two 10W Monocrystalline solar panels that require a battery which is not included.


  • Easy DIY installation
  • Durable
  • Additional safety and protection
  • Solar capable
  • Quiet operation
  • Can open inwards or outwards


  • Battery not included
  • Not for heavy duty gates
  • 12 months warranty

What do users say about TOPENS A3S?

All users value a good customer service, and TOPENS offers one and cares if you are happy with their product. The AS3 is easy to install if you are a bit handy and very practical to use. The additional features and adjustments are a nice touch and the remote works at a fairly good distance. The product does the job properly.

TOPENS A3S Problems and solutions

1. My keypad isn’t working

Don’t panic, just pull out the keypad middle spring for the battery in order for the battery to sit in better. It works now, doesn’t it?

2. How do I power my gate opener?

There are 4 ways of powering TOPENS A3S gate opener and for your convenience they are illustrated below.

TOPENS A3S power

A3S gate opener – Final verdict

If your gate is a queen, then TOPENS A3S would most certainly be a crown that fits perfectly. Sure, the warranty is only 12 months, but the customer support is there for you at all times. Reliable, built to last and can be eco-friendly. What more does your gate need?

 3/3  Budget pick – TOPENS A5 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium Duty Single Gate Operator for Single Swing Gates Up to 16 Feet or 550 Pounds Gate Motor

The TOPENS A5 is a perfect medium duty single swing gate opener that is ideal for gates up to 16 feet high and 550 lbs weight. Like the two models above it has the DC 24V motor that assures low power consumption and high efficiency. Additionally, it makes the noise of only 50 db which can be compared to a humming of a fridge. The swing arms are made of die-casting aluminum which makes them more durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. It suits all gate types and has all the safety options: obstacle adjusting, auto-close system, soft start and stop.

You are now wondering why is it cheaper than the previous two?

Well, this unit can be power by a 24V/12Ah battery or a 24V solar panel and controller. However, none of these things is included in the package and has to be bought separately.


  • For medium duty gates
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Good performance
  • Durable
  • Safety and protection
  • Quiet operation


  • Solar panel not included
  • Battery not included
  • 12 months warranty

What do users say about A5 gate opener?

TOPENS A5 is well built and has a smooth performance. The instruction manual is made for dummies so that is actually a big plus (not everyone is an expert). The unit works great and the customer support is highly praised. The only flaw is that it is not suitable for areas with strong winds, it will most certainly lose that battle.

TOPENS A5 Problems and Solutions

1. My remote receiver is not compatible with car buttons

Unfortunately, the solution for this one is easy, but it will cost you. Additional accessory is needed and it has to be installed separately – the TOPENS HLR01 HomeLink Compatible Universal Gate Door Opener Transmitters Remote Control Kit, which costs $42.90. Note that it will not fit into the original box and you will be needing another waterproof box to store it.

2. Installed it, but it doesn’t work

Check find the fuse box and check the fuse. It is most likely that it needs replacement.

TOPENS A5 – Final verdict

When running on a low budget TOPENS A5 is a product where you get the best possible gate opener for the money. Yes, it does require an additional battery cost, but when you put it all on paper and calculate it’s worth it. Durable, quiet, reliable and provides security to your household. Just don’t buy it if you live in a windy area.

Top 6 TOPENS Dual Swing Gate Openers

When it comes to dual swing gate openers, TOPENS really has an amazing and more importantly affordable range of products. We couldn’t pick only top three therefore you have six similar but yet different gate openers. We hope that our review of TOPENS dual swing gate openers helps you choose the perfect match for your gate.

 1/6  Our pick – TOPENS PW802 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Heavy Duty Dual Gate Operator for Dual Swing Gates Up to 18 Feet or 880 Pounds Gate Motor AC Powered

TOPENS PW802 is the Hulk among the TOPENS gate openers. It features two 24V DC motor made by pure copper wire that ensures greater torque, quiet operation, high efficiency and low power consumption. It is designed to operate dual swing gates that weigh 880 lbs. and are up to 18 feet high. It doesn’t matter from which material your gate is made of, this gate opener is suitable for all. With this purchase your residential, yard, pasture, farm or ranch gates will get an opening system in no time as the DIY installation is fairly simple and lasts about a few hours.

The best part is

This gate opener can be powered by direct electricity, with a battery or with solar panels (unfortunately not included in the package).

TOPENS PW802 review

TOPENS PW802 Automatic Gate Opener Kit

At the first glance you can see that the swing arms are high-quality as they are made of the extendable and durable die-casting aluminum which guarantees long life span and superb performance.

Safety comes first

TOPENS PW802 excels in safety and protection. The remotes have a microchip rolling code technology and only authorized remotes and accessories can operate the gate opener. There is also an obstacle adjusting feature that reacts in case of obstruction, as well as a manual release key for power outages or in case you have misplaced your remote. Surely, the soft start and stop are there with an adjustable time frame; a built-in auto close time (3-120 seconds); built-in maximum motor running time and an adjustable opening/closing interval (1-9 seconds). Additionally, you have a wide range of accessories that can just improve your experience.


  • Solar and battery compatible
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Strong long-lasting motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Great safety and protection


  • 12-month warranty
  • Solar panel not included

What do users say about TOPENS PW802?

It can be complicated to install if you haven’t done anything similar, but the videos are an enormous help. The customer service is amazing and you can literary send them a picture or a video if something is wrong, they will get you a solution in no time. Extremely smooth operation, quiet as advertised, easy to set up and operate. 

Final verdict

TOPENS PW802 has everything and does the job properly on a daily basis. Once you install it, you will have the pleasure of operating a durable and reliable gate opener. You can even add various accessories to it and enjoy knowing your gate is run with care and safety. Who wouldn’t be happy if they had Hulk protecting them.

 2/6  Runner up – TOPENS AD5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium Duty Solar Dual Gate Operator for Dual Swing Gates Up to 16 Feet or 550 Pounds Gate Motor Solar Panel

TOPENS AD5S is a real jewel of the TOPENS gate openers family. It easily handles medium duty dual swing gates of all types (wood, steel, tube, chain link, vinyl, panel…) that are up to 550 lbs. weight and up to 16 feet high. This gate opener comes with two remarkable 24V DC pure copper wire motors that guarantee efficiency, more torque and silent operation. The elegant gate opener arms are made of durable die-casting aluminum that ensures long life span.

With TOPENS safety comes first: the remotes and wireless accessories can only be controlled by authorized devices; a manual release key is included so that you are not left stranded in case of a power outage or misplacing the remote. The sensors detect any obstructions and stop and reverse the gate immediately.

It also features an auto-close option, a soft start/stop and two installation modes: inwards or outwards.

Also check this out

You can power the unit on batteries or using the included two 10W monocrystalline solar panels. Have in mind that these options require two 12V batteries that are not included. The moving speed is around 0.63 inches per second while the operating temperature is -4°F to 122°F (-20℃~ +50℃) therefore not appropriate for a potential Ice Age. The remote has a nice operation range of 65’ (20 meters).


  • SOLAR compatible
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Great reliable motor
  • Silent operation
  • Safety and protection guaranteed
  • Great customer support


  • Two 12V batteries not included
  • 12 months warranty

What do users say about TOPENS AD5S?

Every user values a good customer service, and TOPENS has one. That is why most of the user comments are positive, because even if they ran into a problem, the customer support resolved it quickly. Setting up the gate opener was fairly easy, with a help of videos even easier. The motor works silently, the arms look durable and long lasting. No problems with the motor or the arms were reported. Versatile system and flawless performance.

Final verdict

TOPENS AD5S is our runner up model, but it could just easily be our pick. It differs from the TOPENS PW802 in power supply as its primary source is batteries and the included solar panel. An excellent dual swing gate opener that is reliable, durable and will not make you regret the purchase. Family jewels are there for safekeeping and so is this gate opener.

 3/6  Also great – TOPENS AT602 Dual Gate Opener Medium Duty Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Dual Swing Gates Up to 18 Feet or 660 Pounds Gate Motor AC Powered

TOPENS AT602 is another remarkable dual swing gate opener made by this company.

It features two 24V DC motors made by pure copper wire which contributes greatly to the high performance and torque of the unit. Durable die-casting aluminum arms and the rust-proof mounting hardware ensure the long-life span. This gate opener has many adjustable features such as soft start/stop, auto-close, obstruction sensitivity and open/close interval.

You can even use it on single swing gates!

The main difference between this model and the previous ones is that TOPENS AT602 has direct electricity as the main power source, can be run on battery as a backup power source and with the purchase of the right accessories it can power by solar panels. And also, the fact that it could be set on single swing gates.

Just to mention

The operating range of the remotes is more than enough 20 meters (65’) while the unit itself runs perfectly in temperatures –4°F to 122°F (-20℃~ +50℃) meaning if you live in areas where it gets colder or hotter than this, just don’t buy it. Even tough it is advertised to be silent, you have to have in mind that it makes the noise similar to the humming of a fridge.

TOPENS AT602 Dual Gate Opener Medium Duty Automatic Gate Opener Kit review
TOPENS AT602 Dual Gate Opener Medium Duty Automatic Gate Opener Kit


  • Possible AC, battery and solar powering
  • Easy DIY installment
  • High-quality motor and gate arms
  • Great safety and protection
  • Suitable for single swing gates


  • Battery not included
  • Solar panel not included
  • Manual translated from Chinese into English – some things can get lost in translation

What do users say about TOPENS AT602 gate opener?

What you see is what you get, so everything you need to set up this gate opener by yourself. The operation is good, fairly silent, setting the remotes is easy and the unit itself looks sturdy and reliable. A great AC powered gate opener. The only problem users had with it is damaged parts which are replaced by the company.

Final verdict

Another honorable member of the TOPENS family is the TOPENS AT602 a dual swing (if needed a single swing) gate opener. As every model made by this company, this one also has a fairly easy installation and impeccable performance. If it suits your gate type, just buy it. It is cheaper than any other product of this range and it will make a nice addition to your gate.

 4/6  Also great – TOPENS PW502 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium Duty Dual Gate Operator for Dual Swing Gates Up to 16 Feet or 550 Pounds Gate Motor AC Powered

TOPENS PW502 is a medium duty swing gate opener that effortlessly handles all gates up to 16 feet high and 550 lbs. weight. It comes equipped with two 24V DC motors that are pure copper made and provide lower energy consumption and efficient performance. It is fairly quiet and makes the noise of 50 db. The gate arms are made of die-casting aluminum ensuring long operation life.

Ready for more?

There are two modes of opening the gate, inwards and outwards.

The safety features are incredible:

  • only authorized access to remotes and wireless devices;
  • obstruction sensitivity;
  • soft start/stop;
  • adjustable open and close;
  • auto-close time;
  • electromagnetism limit switch.

Of course, you get a manual gate key in case you run out of power or you can’t find the remote.

Besides the gate weight and height, the difference between this one and the previous models is that its primary energy source is direct electricity, while the battery could be an alternative as well as the solar panel (both not included). Also, this one has a 50W motor, while the PW802 has an 80W motor power.


  • Solar and battery compatible
  • Simple DIY installation
  • High performance
  • Excellent safety and protection
  • Suitable for all TOPENS accessories


  • Battery and solar panel not included
  • Manual not clear enough, use videos too
  • Not for windy areas or areas where temperature is -15°C

What do users say about TOPENS PW502?

In the package you get everything you need and more. The components are good quality and have a proper function. If you do run into some problems, just contact the customer service, they will resolve it quickly and even send new parts if needed. However, this product is not suitable for windy areas, the gate will simply stall. Also, have in mind not to install gate arms too low on the gate, otherwise you will have protentional problems with adjusting closure limit.

PW502 – Final verdict

Every product has its ups and downs. Luckily, TOPENS PW502 has an outstanding customer service to resolve all the downs. It is a good gate opener, stable and secure, well-built with high performance. Just don’t buy it if you live in areas with strong winds or extremely freezing temperatures, for those conditions you will need something with a stronger motor power like PW802.

 5/6  Also great – TOPENS AT1202 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Heavy Duty Dual Gate Operator for Dual Swing Gates Up to 18 Feet or 880 Pounds Gate Motor AC Powered

TOPENS ATI202 is a powerful heavy-duty dual swing gate opener that operates gates up to 18 feet high and 880 lbs. weight with ease. Its default power supply is direct electricity AC 110-12V, while the battery can only be used as a back up power source. Moreover, it can also be powered by solar panels, but that requires an additional cost as they are not included in the package.

Here comes more…

The thing that connects all the TOPENS swing gate openers is the fact that they have a pure copper made 24V DC motor and the durable die-casting aluminum arms. These two features contribute hugely to high efficiency, long life span, low power consumption and the overall durability of the product. The motor power is 80W so the gate opener is suitable for areas with windy conditions too.

TOPENS AT1202 Automatic Gate Opener Kit review
TOPENS AT1202 Automatic Gate Opener Kit

TOPENS offers superb safety with its remotes and wireless devices that can only be used if authorized, the self-closing feature, obstacle adjusting and auto-closing time. Furthermore, soft start and stop are a must have as well as the manual keys in cases of emergency (just don’t lose those too).


  • Solar compatible
  • Great performance
  • Long lasting
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Suitable for all TOPENS accessories
  • Exceptional safety
  • Great for windy areas


  • Solar panel not included
  • Battery only a back-up power source

What do users say about TOPENS ATI202?

What you get for the price is amazing. And most importantly it is easy to set up, might need a bit help of the videos or support, and it works like a charm. It meets user’s expectations and produces minimum noise. So far, it has the admirable rating of 4 stars on Amazon and mostly positive impressions.

TOPENS ATI202 – Final verdict

Another star at the TOPENS reward ceremony, the TOPENS ATI202 gets a nomination in best gate opener category. It doesn’t take the victory because the PW802 dominated, but it certainly has high performance, is reliable and strong built. If it fits your needs and your wallet, just take it. And if anything goes wrong, rely on the customer support and before you know it, you will be writing a positive review yourself.

 6/6  Budget pick – TOPENS AD5 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium Duty Dual Gate Operator for Dual Swing Gates Up to 16 Feet or 550 Pounds Gate Motor

TOPENS AD5 is a brilliant dual swing gate opener for gates up to 550 lbs. and 16 feet high. It is run by two durable 24V DC motors made out of copper, while the gate is being operated by die-casting aluminum arms. These two things make a perfect match and extend the life span, the efficiency and the safety of this gate opener. The unit itself is powered by two 12V batteries which are not included in the package and are an additional cost if don’t have two of those laying around in your garage.

With this purchase you also get additional safety and protection. Only authorized devices can control the gate and in case of obstruction the sensors will react and stop the gate in time. Moreover, you will get auto close option, soft start/stop and even manual keys.


  • Easy DIY installation
  • Affordable
  • Excellent safety and protection
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • Solar capable


  • Battery not included
  • Solar kit not included
  • Not for windy areas

What do users say about TOPENS AD5?

An affordable gate opener with simple installation and additional support via YouTube videos. The remotes have good range and the speed is reasonable. The customer support is definitely first class and not something we are used to. Great quality gate opener that works well and meets all the demands.

TOPENS AD5 – Final verdict

TOPENS AD5 is our budget pick just because its price is under $400. We know that it is not cheap but it is the cheapest in this category. Despite that, this is still yet another honorable member of the TOPNES gate opener group with all of the finest features: durable motor, long lasting gate arms, high and silent performance. Another choice you most certainly won’t regret buying.

Best TOPENS Sliding Gate Openers

When choosing a sliding gate opener, you have to know the following things which will help you decide. First one is the size and the weight of your gate, followed by the speed of the opening/closing (always consider gate openers that have adjustable speed); it is also important to know whether you want to power your gate by solar power or not; and the last thing to have in mind how much security do you want. If you have your answers, let’s dig into the TOPENS sliding gate openers.

 1/1  Our pick – TOPENS CK1200 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit Chain Driven Sliding Gate Motor for Heavy Duty Slide Gates Up to 3400 Pounds and 40 ft

TOPENS CK1200 is a remarkable heavy-duty sliding gate opener. It can operate gates up to 3400 lbs. in weight and 40 inches long. It is a real beast with a pure copper wire ¾ HP 550W AC motor that contributes immensely to the durability and reliability, as well as to the greater start and pulling force. It requires minimum maintenance, which is highly appreciated, and has a long life span thanks to the ultra-quiet operating system.

The best part is…

The base plate is made from galvanized steel and is rust-free and waterproof.

The chain length is adjustable and the midway/pedestrian mode allows the gate to open only a few feet. TOPENS has exceeded in security and equipped this unit with an adjustable auto-close, adjustable stall force, maximum motor running time, built-in stop and reverse in case of obstruction, a microchip rolling code for remote keys and, just to be safe, a manual release key in case of power outage.

TOPENS CK1200 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit review
TOPENS CK1200 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit


  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • Long life span
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Safety and protection
  • Many accessories available
  • Can pull left or right
  • Great customer support


  • Only powered by AC 110-120V electricity

What do users say about TOPENS CK1200?

TOPENS CK1200 is a great product, easy to install and even easier to use. If in doubt about the unclear instructions, find videos on YouTube and everything will be clear. The customer support services and a highly responsive one, and if any part is damaged or missing they will send a new one in no time. The motor is strong and the gate opener itself is well built.

TOPENS CK1200 – Final verdict

Overall satisfaction of users of TOPENS CK1200 tells you everything you need to know. This model truly is a beast because of its powerful motor but also a beauty due to its silent and smooth performance. A fairytale come true, highly recommended.

 2/2  Budget pick – TOPENS RK990 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit Rack Driven Sliding Gate Motor for Heavy Duty Slide Gates Up to 2200 Pounds and 40 ft

TOPENS RK990 is another reliable sliding gate opener that fits all gate types that are up to 2200 lbs. weight and 40 feet high. It features the everlasting durable ½ HP 370W AC motor with higher pulling and start force. This is unit is powered by electricity only and is not solar compatible. The gate moving speed is the admirable 8 inches per second / 20 cm per second while the opening/closing time is 20-60 seconds, depending on the gate length.

In addition

As we are already used to, TOPNES offers maximum security and protection for your gate. Only authorized remotes and wireless accessories can control the TOPENS gate opener and that makes you feel safe; the open/close direction can be left or right – your choice; obstruction detector activities and doesn’t let anyone get hurt, not even the gate; and the manual keys are there in case you lose your remote or the power runs out.


  • Great customer support
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Durable and reliable
  • Good safety technology


  • Not solar compatible
  • Rack not included
  • Magnet sensors placed in thin plastic covers

What do users say about TOPENS RK990?

Users all over the world are surprised with the customer support that really is there to help. The unit itself is easy to install but maybe with the help of some YouTube videos. The operation is quieter than gate openers running on chain and at the fist glance you can see that you bought a high-quality unit. Performance is good, remote control range is 125 feet and you can sleep easily knowing that TOPENS is running your gate.

TOPENS RK990 Problems and Solutions

1. I can’t program my gate opener

You can’t register the remote in memory because you are not getting the LED to flash four times. Press the A button as instructed and one second later press it two more times – 3 consecutive presses and it’s done. The LED will flash four times.

2. My gate opener won’t shut off when magnets are aligned with sensors.

Just align the magnets with the top and the bottom of the Open/Close sensor edge. If those magnets are in the middle of the sensors, they cause further supplying of power to the motor.

Final verdict

Let’s face it, every product has some cheap plastic parts and TOPENS RK990 is no different. But this is a gate opener that will meet your demands. Powerful, durable, easy to set up and most importantly it protects you and your home. You won’t regret making it a part of your family.

Summing up TOPENS

TOPENS stands for: durable, reliable, safe, secure and loved by users. This is what we concluded about their dual swing, single swing and sliding gate openers. The company really made a good product and it’s no wonder that they have managed to overflow the market in such a short period. They have also mastered customer support and acknowledged that it is the most important thing that people care about – therefore their models are currently the people’s choice.

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