Topens gate openers reviews cover Reviews TOPENS 

TOPENS gate openers reviews – everything you need to know

  Who is “TOPENS gate openers”? First thing to mention is that this is NOT an American company, but rather a Chinese based one. Their headquarters are located in Hangzhou (I never heard of it either) and the company was founded just a few years ago, in 2018. but… Despite being newcomers, they still have managed to overflow the gate opener’s market with their products. They have successfully sold their products in over 50 countries worldwide and satisfied many customers. TOPENS praises about producing high-quality gate opener systems that provide…

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ghost control gate opener review Ghost Control Reviews 

Ghost Controls Architectural Series Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates Review

About GHOST CONTROLS® An American company that specializes in creating easy to use gate openers. They produce high quality automatic gate openers for vehicular swing gates designed for residential single family installations. Each of their product has their unique trademark SafeForce® feature that automatically limits the amount of force exerted while opening the gates thus preventing injuries. They can also provide you with other features such as  PartyMode®, 1KEY®, PartyMode Secure® and more (check out the product description box on Amazon for more information about the features). The company creates…

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Ultimate guide: Most common problems with automated gate openers & Ten golden rules

Installing automatic electric gates is not that easy. It is a really complicated process and this is why it is extremely important for the future owners to know what they will use the gate for. They should thoroughly explain to the technician what the purpose of that gate will be so that the technician could recommend the most suitable gate for them. The future owners will also have to choose between different materials, styles, colors, types of automation and ways of opening. There should be a safety check done by…

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Mighty Mule Reviews 

Choose Wisely: Top 5 Mighty Mule Gate Openers

About the manufacturer One day the GTO’s founder set out to design a reasonably priced gate opener, which is easy to install and can be used in various remote places. And he did it! Since 1987 Mighty Mule offers the best Metal Gates, Gate Openers, Driveway Gates, Driveway Alarms, Garden Gates, Access Controls, Automatic Driveway Gates, Electric Gate Openers, and Automatic Gate Openers in America. This brand is unique because it offers DIY products that are suitable for rural, urban and industrial environments. So far over half a million gate…

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liftmaster gate opener Liftmaster Reviews 

LiftMaster gate openers – top 5 models (reviews)

About the manufacturer LiftMaster is an American company which has been manufacturing garage door openers, gate and commercial door operators for over 45 years. Over the years they have built a nationwide network of authorized dealers to help the customers get the products they need backed by the LiftMaster guarantee. Their products are made to fit any lifestyle and application and provide the latest technology, innovations in safety and security as well as connectivity and performance. They stand for quality and safety with a goal to exceed the customers’ expectations.…

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Mighty Mule FM350-SINGLE Gate-Solar Package with Solar Panel (10 Watt Solar Panel) Mighty Mule Reviews 

Mighty Mule FM350-SINGLE Gate-Solar Package with Solar Panel Review

The Mighty Mule FM350 is already known as one of the most popular gate openers. This manufacturer has once more managed to launch a high quality product which is very beneficial to the customer’s needs. The package contains the gate opener with the addition of a 10 watt solar panel, at a very affordable price. This Gate – Solar Package saves you around 42% and is made for every single gate use. You are also provided with a 12 month limited warranty. BOOKMARK THIS POST FOR LATER What’s in the…

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Aleko Reviews 

Review: ALEKO AR1500 Sliding Gate Opener

Aleko AR1500 Sliding Gate Opener This amazing gate opener has the ability to open gates up to 1500 pounds or 600kg in weight and 40 feet (12m) in length. In case if the gate is more than 40 feet in length, you have a 13 feet gear rack tracks included with the option of buying extra racks. The product has a 120V AC (1/2HP equivalent) motor which provides remarkable starting torque and continuous operation. It has a user programmable and user erasable remote codes and 2 remotes are included. What’s…

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